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So I just bought D3 last night and most of the font and UI is SO TINY.

I found an option to increase the chat box size to font size level 20, which just BARELY makes it legible enough to discern easily. For everything else I have to squint hard, which is not good for a long game of this nature.

I'm using a 32" TV as my PC monitor and the native resolution is 1360x768, and the TV is in my bedroom and id say about a good 6 to 7 ft away.

So I'm asking is there's any way to make the UI bigger, or even just the font size? If there is no way to adjust it in-game, either via some obscure menu option or adjusting an .ini file, ill gladly take a third party mod that would do the same thing, like thats that's fine too, its just that the font size and the UI overall is so small as to make it borderline unreadable and unplayable unless I want to damage my eyes by having the game like 2 ft in front of me :(

Its frustrating because I love this type of game and there are loads of UI customization options for the company's flagship title but this seems like a completely different take and a bit hostile to accessibility. Example: WoW has colorblind options, but D3 doesn't? Seems odd.

Thanks for reading in any case :/
Basically no. You have to get closer to the screen.

Using a 32" screen from 6' away is rather pointless. Something like a 50" screen would work better. The game is made for a PC, and most have the monitor fairly close to the user.

Console version may be better, but even then, you cannot have the UI too large or there would be no room for the main game area.
If they would lock the UI, they could make it bigger, I guess. But as it is now, I'm already clicking on the UI more than I want to, and I'm used to it. Still happens.

I hope the UI is lockable in D4.
By default if you change your game resolution it would change the font, but not sure how it would make the game look overall...
05/18/2019 07:48 PMPosted by kwittstruck
By default if you change your game resolution it would change the font, but not sure how it would make the game look overall...
I was going to post this last night. I decided not to because I don't really know much about these newer HD high-resolution monitors and TVs.

My previous computer barely met the minimum requirements for playing D3. And my video editing program wouldn't handle processing anything higher than 1280 x 720. (I used to think this was a limitation of the program, but later learned it was a limitation of my computer). Because of this, I ran all my games at 1280 x 720 or lower.

With my current computer I can now run D3 at my monitor's native resolution of 1920 x 1080 without so much as a hiccup. And my video editing program handles processing video captures flawlessly.

Running at 1280 x720 makes everything in-game larger: UI, fonts, etc. However, everything looks fuzzier too, especially in the Chat Window. At 1920 x 1080 everything looks much smaller, but is clearly sharper and cleaner.

Of course, your experience may differ depending on your equipment and how it's configured.

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