, can't share items with party memebrs

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so I have tried multiple times to share group items and I cant. if I drop a item no one can even see it in game. ive uninstalled and reinstalled as well as done fix repair 6 different times. can anyone help me with this? has anyone else had these issues
05/19/2019 11:52 AMPosted by PINKANGEL
can anyone help me with this? has anyone else had these issues

There is currently an issue with account flagging impacting some players. You can read more about it on the Bug Report forum.

So far, impacted accounts all seem to be Battlechest purchases from around March 2015. That is the current pattern.

Blizzard is aware of the bug and is investigating. No current work arounds and no ETA on the fix.
same problem here!!! what is the issu? i cant share any item
wow such a waste of our time.
This has cost me a few set pieces playing with friends. Real bummer.
hi, There,

i have exactly same issue. i can't share anything with team players.

can anyone help?

When did you purchase your copy of Diablo 3 / RoS or Battle Chest. The bug seems to affect mostly those that have bought the game in March 2015 from the Blizzard Shop. Check your transactions on your Battle.Net account at : https://account.blizzard.com/transactions .

Add to the data that we are collecting in this Bug Report thread : https://us.battle.net/forums/en/d3/topic/20771547030
Yep, I have the bug also. Purchased March 31, 2015
Well This Sucks for me ive missed out on soo much loot
just talk with a support guy… he said to try… right click on portrait of that person you want to share with it… click on TRADE option…

ive try and does not work… it says… that players is busy cannot trade
Same problem here, I have the 30 march 2015 battle chest.
@Xelo : this conversation is not up-to-date and not getting updated... It would be better to use the same conversation as everyone else.

Yep. I've just posted about this bug. So yeah, same problem here. :(

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