Skelethorn cube: Mr Yan or Heart of Iron?

So i'm really enjoying the skelethorn as a pushing build, but my brain melts when I try to compare the recommended Hexing Pants of Mr Yan with Heart of Iron for a cubed armor slot.

Can someone translate into english why an entire other source of thorns is inferior to the 25% (which ceases and plummets further every time I pause to spam curses) bonus of Mr yan? I know this likely gets into the additive damage vs multiplicative thing, and if that's the answer, ok ,I'll just trust that, but is it really so far ahead? As I understand it, jacking up my personal damage goes through a filter of my pets' hits only doing half that, or does the HPOMY percentage translate into thorns as well? If so is it more than what I'd get out of an even paragon split between int and vit?

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