Playing Myltiple Monks


what do you play as?
i play as wol (inna, lon, pre patch swk), as lon ltk and i do some try arounds with uli palm and gen (uli in grp is pretty good tk but my inna has better gear and grp support, for gen i need additional 3k para to get more than 5k :D) oh and i also like tr play but never pushed it to its max but for leveling purposes last season it was awesome

gameplay of a healer is absolutely different and has nothing to do with any monk build its more like playin an instrument, with a solo build or non meta grp build you have some more decisions where to pull and what to kill whereas a healer pushes buttons and follows other party members.
Highly recommend Inna WoL/Inna Supporter for new monk starter. For high GR push, Raiment is the best.

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