Level 70 Primal What Did You Get? Season 17

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I got mother blaththorne boots for the second season in a row. I barely ever rage but I just literally Hulk Hogan'd one of my favorite shirts off. I know Primals aren't everything but it's still frustrating to say the least. I need a new shirt.

Ancient Parthan Defenders with cold skill damage (for my bone necro). Not bad.
I got a pair of lacunis with dex, vit, and life regen. No crit :(
one of the LoN rings.
A nice set of Marauder's gloves.
I got a rock.
Rachel’s Ring of Larceny
Stone of Jordan ring with terrible useless stats so i salvaged it LoL.
Ancestor's Grace amulet
Inarius helmet! First useful primal I've ever received.
Err... I've got nothing.
Chaingmail for me, yay!
I got a Dagger of Darts ... while playing a LON Carnevil build
Needless to say I went a little crazy
05/19/2019 11:55 PMPosted by partci
Err... I've got nothing.

is not a 100% reward?
sythe of the cycle with as vit and int trolol
I got pretty lucky there, since my first primal was Scythe of the Cycle.

I was like screaming with my mates on mic "F*** YEAH AT LEAST AN USEFUL ONE!"

And then I look at the stats, I see no CDR/no Essence on it. I was like "S***, still have to get an ancient one with better roll."

But it's still good I think.
got the braces for shield throw happy with that
i got primal chantodo :)

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