Level 70 Primal What Did You Get? Season 17

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deathseer's cowl :(
A no-mainstat azuewrath.... Oh well, back to NS
I got the gloves that drop gold when you kill mobs. I laughed and went on grinding. Didn’t care much tho. It’s only a primal that’s can be anything. I don’t get why even get upset
Thunderfury sword for my Demon Hunter. Follower loves it though.
Blackthorn ammy
05/20/2019 01:41 AMPosted by Kogh
05/19/2019 11:55 PMPosted by partci
Err... I've got nothing.

is not a 100% reward?

I don't know, never noticed nothing in the inbox or on the ground. Just the regular stuff.
Cord of the Sherma, yay..
Eberli Charo shield. Kind of a waste. Last season it was Wrath of the Wastes shoulders.
Lol, I'm not the only one that got a terrible drop obviously.
Echoing Fury, helloooooooo
Primal Kyoshiro's Blade with 10% cdr for my Innas WOL monk =). I was so happy when it dropped.

Primal Nems I use off and on if I have to because no one else has a pair. Otherwise my Ashnagarr's are better.
Nats Helm, good for a Sages build.
05/19/2019 07:25 PMPosted by RaDaC
I got mother !@#$ing blaththorne boots for the second season in a row. I barely ever rage but I just literally Hulk Hogan'd one of my favorite shirts off. I know Primals aren't everything but it's still frustrating to say the least. I need a new shirt.


Oof. Sorry to hear that (and RIP your shirt). Check your battle.net email address. It won't be a primal, but I'd love to send you a replacement. ;)

Always interesting to see what everyone's luck of the draw has been—may RNG bless you all!
rathma boots
15 forgotten souls
Jade Harvester pants as my 1st primal!
rondal's locket.

Ice Climbers; on EU.
15 Souls.

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