Level 70 Primal What Did You Get? Season 17

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Monk = Ice Climbers, upgrades in Dexterity, Vitality and Resist All.


Last season I did not get anything at solo GR70.
On my wizard i got CUSTERIAN WRISTGUARDS, I expected nothing, still disaiponted...
One of most useless legendaries :(
Unbelievable!! My flabber is gasted!

I eked out the GR70 with a barely functioning Unhallowed Essence set. To my unmitigated disbelief, I picked up a Primal Ancient Set Cage of the Hellborn, the chest armor for that set, and it had absolutely perfect rolls. I couldn't be more pleased.

I should have bought a lottery ticket today.
I got a Furnace, which admittedly was actually kinda cool.

I just wish they would add a cube recipe to upgrade to Primal. Make it SUPER expensive, but it should be a thing.
Got a serviceable Traveler's set amulet for my DH.
My notables:
Vyr's boots Gave them to clanm8
Jang's Empowerment In my stash collecting dust
Fazula's Improbable Chain Gave them to the same m8
Dread Iron In my stash collecting dust

My craps
Gift of Silaria
Lidless wall
Ahavaron, spear of Lycander
the executioner
the smoldering core
depth diggers rolled intelligence meaning they are worthless
Tal Rasha's Thrive
Got a primal Ess of Johan. Could have been worse. Threw it on the Templar.
I got a Chantodo's Will for my GR70 Primal drop this season, but I don't really play Archon much. Still, I'm grateful that it was a weapon and one for my favored class.
First primal this season was Vyr Chest Armor. I'm playing Wizard. HUGE step up from the trash I got for my first drop last season.
strongarm bracers with cold damage and crit ch, perfect fot impale
I got a Shi Mizu's Hauri, which was not useful for my Impale DH, so I am trying to use it in an LoN build. The LoN build is fun, just not sure how high I can take it. I dunno.
05/20/2019 04:46 PMPosted by Nevalistis
I got mother !@#$ing blaththorne boots for the second season in a row. I barely ever rage but I just literally Hulk Hogan'd one of my favorite shirts off. I know Primals aren't everything but it's still frustrating to say the least. I need a new shirt.


Oof. Sorry to hear that (and RIP your shirt). Check your battle.net email address. It won't be a primal, but I'd love to send you a replacement. ;)

Always interesting to see what everyone's luck of the draw has been—may RNG bless you all!

Hey, what's this crap? They swear on your precious forum and they get a new t-shirt or something and if I do it I get a ba... erm, sent on vacation.
I got a Holy Point shot. The stats could have been better, but first time I got something you could really use. The cold damage would have been nice, but still happy with it.
05/22/2019 09:19 AMPosted by Justice2009
Scoundrel token :( Worst part it was for unlocking all his abilities.

I got the same for the Templar.....completely unsatisfying.
I got a Crusader item (can't remember which one) as a Monk. /Cry
Stone of Jordan
A horribly rolled Helltooth Mask.
Messerschmitt 2h axe on US and Neanderthal 1h mace on EU.
Primal Squirt's necklace from Kadala
Got a broken crown. But a few hours later finally reforged a passable primal deathwish (lacks attack speed), so fairly content.

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