Best Wiz season builds

05/30/2019 12:34 PMPosted by Undertaker
Why hasn’t no one mentioned the LoN meteor build, I am destroying everything , I’m at gr 97 with only 550 paragon, no augments and only one primal ring, this build is amazingly tanky and super damage meteors just obliterate everything, especially rift guardians!!!

Because at this point, LoN Meteor is quite a ways behind VyrTodo for GRs, and FO for Torment. It's a fun alternative if you're not looking for efficiency, but it loses handily in the speed and power departments.
Love the Lon FO,
i'm using this for T16 , bounty and speed gr max 95
i miss some apoc on source and a hell fire amulet with cold blooded

but the Lon meteor is stonger and i made a speed version of Lon meteor
missing the Magefist gloves
Vyrs is stupidly strong. I mained a WD This season and started to feel a bit of burnout on it, and decided to get the pieces for Vyrs Wizard... Yeah Blizzard really went over board with it.

I'm not augmented at all and only have the first pieces I got thrown together and did a 100 in 6 minutes. Was shocked at the super easy damage and insane toughness.

My WD is geared well and almost fully augmented with 100 gems and it's still no comparison. I have done 110 on the WD but feel like if I invested the same time in a wiz at the start... i would be at 120+ for sure.

If you want simple, easy to play and good all around.. Vyrs seems like the best spec this season.
Vyr's crazy toughness matched with Chants crazy damage has made it a bit overboard, especially considering the seasonal theme which has you spend way more time gearing in LoN. It will be interesting to see how things pan out for next season since Blizzard typically only likes nerfing on PTR these days and not nerfing actual things after an entire season.

They nerfed Energy Twister Raging Storm after it dominated 3 seasons straight so nothing is out of the question, just very unlikely that we'll see a tone back to something that isn't in the top 4 man GR150 meta but dominating literally everything else.

It kind of discouraged me from making anything LoN outside of Star pact tbh, which made the LoN theme a lot less exciting for me besides our ring choices being lackluster. LoN mage necro was suppose to be absolutely bonkers but in comparison Vyr's/Chants seems like the much safer speed with similar damage output.
05/22/2019 02:07 PMPosted by Lisq
I heard LON Star Pact Archon is the best wizard build but it's really difficult to master so I probably won't use it.

Which other build is the strongest? Vyr Archon Chantodo, Firebirds Meteor or any other?

I don't know about vyrs builds but if you want to use the season advantage I've been playing with litany on a non seasonal hardcore wiz and the build is fun and easy. I don't have the time to work up a new toon and farm a bunch of ancients so I have had to forgo rings that you'd have access to. Basically it's elemental explosion with the focus for it and wand of woh and ring of the zodiac along with your choice of resource spender to help it along. you'll have mana issues but you can overcome them with pride's fall or any number of other tricks. I've been using in-geom as well with diamond skin and the rune that reduces arcane power cost when it's up by 9. This pretty much feeds the AP demand that in-geom creates and as a bonus you get to almost constantly keep casting diamond skin. Anyway I'm sure you guys can fill in the holes. As a litany build there is a bunch of freedom here and it feels like a vyrs build with no downtime especially if you choose not to use in-geom. You basically run around exploding a billion times per second and feeding zodiac with elemental explosion and something like waves of force or the forth rune of RoF. one problematic point to this build is that you have to work for CD and AS because you can beat the CD limit on elemental explosion but are then still limited by AS. Without too much effort and even without a really tight set of gear (just ancients in each slot) this smashes through everything up to about GR 60 and that's without offensive gems and without the ring options you could have in seasonal right now like M heal, and like I said this is far from a complete breakdown of all the best things you could have so experiment it's more fun than the tornado beam litany build that's for sure although I can't say if it's more powerful My wiz is female so I've dubbed it "Blastinista"

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