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Gold is useful, I spam GRs. I always run out of gold.
05/26/2019 08:17 AMPosted by FusRoDah
05/26/2019 12:02 AMPosted by Kryosis

re rolling your enchant from 49% to 50% is fun for you and other min-max players, but I think to most people it is a hassle and makes the game boring, tedious and stale

I think the majority of fans of the series would like to see the game get some fresh updates here and there to keep the spark going, because let's be honest D4 (if it's still being developed) is still a long ways away.

but god forbid they make a change that could possibly make the game more interesting, but you just want to keep it the same, and call us clowns.
no wonder majority of people who lost hope and abandon ship, since it meant to be on the same boat going no where stuck with people like you.
So let me get this straight you find more enjoyable content by using up probably 100-200 rolls just to get one piece to perfect 50 percent crit hit damage? I find it very annoying and could have used those souls,gold,regular mats and death breathes for something else.The most I would enjoy for other uses of gold would be to buy wings or pets.

no, i don't find using up 100-200 rolls enjoyable, I just hope to see somewhat new content that adds more flavor to the game, I agree with the whole use of gold of getting unique cosmetics since it rewards the player and makes gold feel more useful.

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