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I have done everything I need to do to start getting primal gear and I am not getting any. what do I have to do to make sure that my character has a chance to get primal gear. I soloed rift 70 and beat it in the allotted time. I have 1200 blood gems.
06/01/2019 05:14 AMPosted by Jamcat000
I have 1200 blood gems.
If >1200, then primal has been unlocked. The drop rate of primal is very low. You may not see one in months.

Note that the guaranteed primal mentioned in blog/patch notes applies to Season Only.
What you are saying is that I have to have greater than or equal to 1200? Also I do not play seasons, what i understand is that single player should still get primal gear after beating GR 70 correct?
What I meant is the blood shard cap >=1200 indicates that you had completed GR70 solo before. Primal drop has been unlocked. There is no other indicator. Primal may drop anywhere and any diff level, but the chance is just very small. It is all random.

Only season will get a primal when you complete GR70 solo the first time. But as you did it in non-season, no primal was dropped. Not a bug.
Also note that season and non-season are seperate account types. Unlocking Primal in Non-Season does NOT unlock it in season. It must be unlocked for the game type you are playing in.

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