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I was toying with interesting items and original builds and I tried to build around Death's Bargain. I think it's an interesting item but it can't provide anywhere near enough damage to be viable. And the solution is simple: allow its damage to scale of off all the reasonable multipliers a character has: main stat, damage increased by other skills, elemental damage (physical), damage increased by other items and item sets.
I made an Inna Life per Second build, got 510k LPS and with all the multipliers mentioned above it would deal 266 billion damage per second which is respectable, but instead it deals 5.1 million (which makes sense from the affix but is totally insignificant). And let's not forget that any damage these pants would deal comes at a price of turning regen completely off, which is huge especially if you build around this value.
Anyone with me on this?
I don't disagree. This is just another item forgotten by the devs. I suspect they regard it the same as Blackthorn set and countless other items in desperate need of love if they ever want it used.
I didn't see your post until today. If I had I would have linked this build earlier.

That configuration can reach over a million LpS. Another configuration still does three quarters of a million LpS but also reachs over 5 billion toughness. Paradoxically the one with the higher toughness is easy to get killed (the toughness cycles so right after 5 billion it drops to nothing and you die).

Please post your build to the monk sub forum. I'd like to see how you made it work.

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