Game Keeps Crashing and App Interruptions

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Every so often my Diablo 3 will crash no matter what and sometimes the Desktop App will interrupt gameplay and then render the game unresponsive.

I am on Windows 10 May 2019 Update RTM (Build 18362) on a HP OMEN X 17 Series laptop from 2018 (I haven't played Diablo 3 on my desktop PC to reproduce this yet but it probably will happen there too)

Any ideas?!

P.S. I have the latest patches AND latest device drivers for every device installed for Win10 May Update as always (I never let my systems go unpatched as it can lead to problems later)
Hey LiLmEgZ,

I'm thinking these crashes could be related to the RTM build that you're using for Windows 10 since that one isn't fully supported. The latest official build that our games support for Windows 10 is build 17763.

Are you alt-tabbing out of the game when the crashes occur?

Might be worth testing things out on a PC that doesn't have the Insider Preview build to see if the crashes stop.

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