Whoa hang on STRENGTH for Thorns?

So, um... Icy veins, after a comment on one of their builds changed the recommended gems for the skelethorn build from int to str.

Yet, in the game it says Thorns are increased by a percentage of your primary stat. I've gotten to GR90 (so far) on this build, admittedly "methodically" (low damage seeming) by gemming Int...

Was I wrong? Did I miss a memo here? Sheet thorns numbers aren't moving as I gem either direction. I'm confused.
I persume the strength gem is for toughness. STR gives Armor.
I'm guessing the theory is that you need to get your +armor from somewhere else, since the passive does nothing with all the pets out.

Yes, thorns scale with primary stat (which is what makes thornsaders so effective, since theirs is STR so they get a 2-for-one), however the int you get from the gems is rapidly overwhelmed by the amount you get at high paragon levels so you can afford to swap it out for the extra armor.
See I get all the armor arguments, but the breakdown of the spec pointedly says Strength for THORNS and armor, so I was really confused.

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