best barb build for 1k para?

I notice multiple guides for people pushing really hi GRs. But, the assumption of these builds is you play a lot and end the season with thousands of para.

For my play time I can get around 1,000 para in a season. What are some good builds that get the highest GRs with only 1k para?
Thank you Free. I agree that is a great article. But Raekor Hota isn't hitting 134 GR with 1000 para. There is a little bit of discussion at lower para levels in that thread, but the most emphasis is on the potential for the top players who play enough to get the top number of paragon points.

For instance, WW is fun and has a lot of potential at high Str. But, it doesn't seem as strong in the mid str levels. I was looking for opinions on build strength relative to what the average player will have at the end of the season.
There's quite a bit of discussion about that in the thread. It also notes what builds are best for new or returning (low-Paragon) players.

R6 HOTA has cracked 110 with less than 1k Paragon, but most players simply don't have that kind of skill. You're likely better off with an EQ build or IK HOTA.
Not sure if this helps at all but I did 110 with IK HOTA when I was around 1200 para without having to fish too much and without even having all the augments. If I were more skilled, I'm sure I could get higher than that too.
To Free's recommendation, I'll add that Might of the Earth is the Haedrig's Gift set for S17. 3 additional pieces, Band of Might, Lut Socks and Bracers of Destruction, can be obtained by spending blood shards at Kadala on a level 1 character for use in the cube, making it even easier once you've got some to spare or with your Day 1 loot from the Challenge Rift.

The head start can be useful if you're worried about time constraints. The only builds I'd steer clear of would be LoN Thorns and Zodiac Wastes as the gearing requirements can be hellish.

The other options are all on a relatively equal playing field as far as potential goes, probably the best thing Barb has going for it. If your drops fall right for you, you can try for other builds (IK, Raekor, or hybrids) if play time allows.

Good luck in Season 17.
IK HOTA is what i'd recommend. R6 HOTA is fine too but more an acquired taste imho.

... and for T13 farming, IK WW :) (like this )
Foamy7 nailed it.

Each season I'll get only to around 800-900paras. Mote and IK builds are my levels higher end builds. I still use WW but only to get gems to 50 as I can speed GRs in under 1-2 minutes for this task.

For my NS barbs I'm around 1200 para and have done GR100 with cold SS leap which is not a pushing build. Never tried IK HotA yet but I'm guessing I'd be up around the 100-110 mark.

Have fun - try all builds if you want. The seasons are long enough :)
IK HoTA imo, last season i did 105 with 886 Paragon and a few caldesan. I think is the easiest and tanky build, anyway as a casual player i don't push more in season after clearing It.
But like people say, with a bit more time and good gear R6 HoTA is better option (skill required)
Thank you for the input! I used to play the Barb every season but the last few seasons I've tried other classes. I haven't played the barb since the increase to BoM or the sets. I'm looking forward to the greater power.
Leapquake is very fun if you play casual or serious. It can be rewarding and fun in pretty much every aspect of the game. My favorite build by far! 114 is my highest this season but I don't use CoE and try to avoid fishing too much. The In Geom version is awesome for doing bounties and rifts and can be pretty fast if you don't mess around.
I hit 107 with my MOTE Fire build this morning at exactly 1k paragon. I could probably push it to 108-109 maybe 110 by fishing a bit (which I hate to do)
Thank you for the info! Now I have a goal to work toward. I think 107 by 1000 para is awesome, good job!

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