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What do you guys think if they made a mode in Diablo 3 that's similar to Albion online?

I'd be so excited and play it non-stop. I started playing Albion since it went f2p with my girlfriend and I'm loving it. It has heavy PvP focus and It's sandbox where everything is player made, similar to how Eve online is but essentially a fantasy version.

It's really cool because you can really specialize in certain things and make a ton of money from that one thing or anything, really.

Would you guys play it?
No. That doesn't sound like an ARPG and I love Diablo because of ARPG. I do not want to be restricted to online only (which D3 unnecessarily does).

If there was a Diablo game that was isometric loot hunting game that was playable offline single player, but you could get online and have a large realm population in town and overworld areas, and dungeons were instanced "dungeons" or "raids" type things where everything is scaled differently because of the additional players (without making it way more profitable than single player like Diablo 3) then I could get on board with that.

I understand the appeal. But I do not want to play with a group all the time (or even most of the time) and I do not want a game I cannot play when the internet is on the toilet.

I do not know how the idea of "really specializing in certain things and making tons of money from that one thing" could really play into that without significantly affecting an offline experience.

If it is a single player game that can go online but with a more "massively multiplayer" world then sure. That actually sounds cool but I simply will not buy another game I can only play online.
Arent the original backers revolting because it turned into a dumpster fire?
No. I dont know why people keep suggesting this s hit. Theres plently of mmo's out there. I'd rather this franchise stay an arpg. Blizz already has one mmo anyways.

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