Am I playing this wrong, or...

Witch Doctor
Decided to play a Witch Doctor this season. Got my 6pc Jade set on, and most of the time everything's great. Occasionally though, when I'm in the midst of a huge group of enemies, I'll hit Soul Harvest (with dots on) and nothing dies. It goes on CD, and the 6pc bonus of it reducing in CD for every cast of haunt/swarm doesn't work. Only occasionally though.

Just a second ago in a GR I noticed another interesting thing. Same setup, group of enemies, dotted, I hit Soul Harvest. The one large mob died, but all the little ones took a little sliver of damage. What's going on?

I do the same thing every pack. Pirahnado to group them up, haunt, swarm, Soul Harvest. It doesn't work on every pack though, so I'm really confused. Same torment/gr level, oftentimes in the same rift.

Semi-related, I'm also wearing Nemesis Bracers and in my last rift one pylon didn't spawn elites. Every one before and since has, but that one just fizzled. Should I report these all as bugs, or am I just doing something fundamentally wrong somewhere between these packs?
Maybe ,not all the mobs you harvest are "doted" (Haunt +LS).
For haunt to reset SH 's cooldown,it has to land on a mob.
Jade has no bug and works fine for me.
Yeah Mons is most likely right.

Got to make sure both dots are on your targets. Soul Harvest will also rip them off when you use it, so when pushing higher rifts where you will have to soul harvest multiple times, you will have to reapply dots as well.

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