I am confused. Do people really do this?

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05/16/2019 03:13 PMPosted by Pja
Except that your items will remain in the non-season stash and you will never get to use them with season-only buffs. Sadly.

Please read things before you respond. They said, and I literally quote:

especially now that LON has been buffed

Buffed. Not the seasonal bonus thingy.
LON got a buff.
With LoN being viable for several classes, more reason we need more stash space. The only vanity items I keep for myself is the murlocket and a Mempo of Twilight helm from vanilla that rolled with max att speed and had crit chance on it.
adding stash tab is not really a big deal to any game kind -like Diablo
they just don't want to do it cause its a mechanism to take money out of ppls pocket
they (I mean blizzard marketing staff ppl) wanna make ppl pay for it/ for additional stuff
atm there is not enough players data base to proceed that rip off without huge avalanche of criticism feedback from mostly fed-up with this game community.

truly not much of a fanboys left
I play all classes and have 1 stash tab for each class i play...which leaves 1 tab for gems, 1 for rings/belts/amulets, 1 for non class legendaries, 1 for non class sets...
Not a lot of room left over for stuff that I may want to keep for a LoN build that uses something I dont already have...
05/16/2019 11:39 AMPosted by Meteorblade
05/16/2019 11:28 AMPosted by henry
Tell me how are you struggling for stash space. And by you I mean everyone who has this supposed problem. I am very curious about this actually, not trying to troll.

The only heroes I could find on your account were on the Asia region...
...with a level 22 Necromancer and just over 3000 lifetime kills. It's unsurprising that such an account would be struggling for stash space.

Now compare that to someone that has all 17 possible hero slots utilised, plays all seven classes, has gear for multiple builds per class, with variants for speed-farming, GR pushing, solo'ing, LoN and so on, and they'll clearly need a lot more space.

And HC people have to multiply all that by 2 as well, as we need to keep a backup of every item.
Heck, there are people who name themselves after parts of a fictional lesbian hero’s anatomy.

Anything is possible.

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