Requires level 52
The Illusory Boots are strongly selected for the number one Necromancer (and arguably the game) spec. The Solo Command Skeleton LoN build. I however came across a pair of Steuart's Greaves and thought I'd try them out while I waited. These things have been amazing for finding elites, clearing rifts, dodging shots, etc. Besides the stuff the Illusory Boots keep you out of your Blood Rush can get you out of and due to CDR it's available every 3 or so seconds. Google it. I just dropped some knowledge on you all. You're welcome.
I would say use both depending on the situation. I have my illusory boots ancient but not Steuarts yet. I still use Steuarts when we are not playing anything too high and yeah they are a world of help.
I use steurts because they rolled primal :) but both are fine as ancients for Lon
agree withSquishor depending on the situation. If you have fragile Necro but with full speed and wanna hit the enemies from far STEUART'S GREAVES is just for it. But if you are strong and wanna make close combat then you use ILLUSORY BOOTS.

here is my Lon Lancer with Steuart's Greaves;

and Thorns Necro build with Illusory Boots;

Lon Nova build with Illusory Boots;

Inarius Nova build with Steuart's Greaves;

I noticed that you have a Zei's equipped, which is meant for a ranged spec, yet your thorns build is meant to get up close and personal. Is it there for spawns whose affixes force you out of melee?

I'm going to build a thorns necro of my own, so am interested in why certain choices are being made so that I will be better informed to make my own as I go.
In building my Skelethorn LoN build up I got Steuart's greaves ancient well before the Illusory boots, and let me tell you, as lovely as it was to rocket forward after each blood rush, once I got to some serious GRs, the greatest dropoff in deaths I had happened when my ancient illusory boots dropped.

Illusory boots aren't about speed, they're about placement on the screen, regardless of even the shortest of cooldowns. For the spec I am running anyway, mobility is life. Furthermore, if you run hexing pants, illusory boots are near mandatory.

So make your decision on that axis. If you're farming and getting stuck around some mobs or walling isn't DEATH assured, maybe go steuarts, but I think the reasons you see illusory boots so highly recommended is that GRs are pitched as like the "highest form" of D3, and GRs' higher ends are defined by density. Removing collision from said density is a HUGE factor in survivability for a lot of builds. It's not like you don't have blood rush wearing illusory boots!
I like Steuart's for bounties, you can rush through everything to get to the final goal but I prefer Illusory for NR/GR.

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