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In general, every class should have builds that make primary skills endgame viable.

How about buffing the BlackThorne set to give an alternative to class sets so any class can wear it and it makes primary skills endgame viable and fun without having to use numlock/macro-hardware?

How about bonuses that make the set unique, super fun, and be able to grow with the player like in a normal ARPG?



1-Piece: Your movement speed is increased by 10%. This bonus increases by 10% for each additional 200 paragon levels up to a maximum of 50% movement speed at paragon 800.

2-Pieces: You gain +25 to mainstat and vitality per 10 paragon-levels up to a maximum of +2000 to mainstat and vitality at paragon level 800. Wearing a Shield triples this bonus to +75 mainstat and vitality per 10 paragon levels up to a maximum of +6000 to mainstat and vitality at paragon level 800.

3-Pieces: You may have two followers active at the same time. At paragon level 666, both hired followers gain invulnerability.

4-Pieces: You gain an absorb shield reducing your damage taken by 5% per 50 paragon levels up to a maximum of 80% at paragon level 800. At paragon 800 you also gain a cheat-death passive with a 120 second cooldown.

5-Pieces: Your primary skills deal 4'000% more damage. This bonus increases by 2000% per 100 paragon levels up to a maximum of 20'000% at paragon level 800. You no longer benefit from Critical Hit Chance and Critical Hit Damage affixes, and instead have 100% chance to deal area damage within 5 yards of any object or monster which received damage from you. Your area damage is increased by 50%.

Full Ancient Set Bonus: You can now place legendary gems in your chest and pants. You can no longer place legendary gems in your amulet and rings.

*Full Primal Ancient Set Bonus: You gain the "Aura of Wisdom" increasing experience gained by 5% for you as well as any party members within 60 yards of you. Your followers may now accompany you into multiplayer games.

*Full Primal Ancient Set Bonus includes the Full Ancient Set Bonus.

Finding and equipping the full Primal Ancient Set unlocks the "Wings of Wisdom" cosmetic wings.
I like the idea of improving blackthorne set so that it's not completely pointless, but I'm not sure about your suggestions as I think various classes already have sets that can work with primary skill, or LoN can take care of that, like WD's DoD build.
My suggestion is meant to offer an alternative play style in terms of mechanics-progression and growth in power itself.

  • No longer we are forced to have sockets in rings/amulet.
  • No longer do we have to stack CC and CHD
  • No longer are we forced to Use skill X, Y, Z in order for skill A to do any damage
  • No longer are we forced to use macro-hotkeys or Numlock
  • Grinding paragons to 800 feels much more rewarding and exciting
  • Finding ancient and primal ancient pieces feels impactful and rewarding
  • Reaching specific paragon levels feels exciting and brings meaningful changes
  • Being able to socket 5 Legendary Gems instead of 3 opens new possibilities
  • Being able to use rings and amulets without sockets opens new possibilities
  • Not having to stack CC and CHD opens new possibilities

  • We simply grow in power as we level up our paragon. The set grows with the player and allows people to play any of the primary skills as main damage dealers and utilize secondary and special skills for crowd-control and utility like in a normal ARPG.

    The main goal of this set idea is to allow the set to make the character powerful without forcing the player to use any particular skills and abilities as a prerequisite to deal damage. Primary skills = end-game viable for all classes, simple as that.

    There is nothing better than increasing diversity among builds and offer alternatives. This is SORELY needed in D3 and would make a humongous difference in it's popularity and replayability.

    Using special abilities and spells apart from primary skills should be a desire and not a forced mandatory activity, like it is the case currently with sets (its just annoying and forces people to use numlock/macros).

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