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04/28/2019 03:22 PMPosted by Chimps
Hey Hey..
When does Blizzard announce the Season Start ??..
Cuz i need to take my Holidays >.>..

There are many of us that work 40 + hours a week and need to know the exact start date for next season to set vacation time for work.

I have a full team for Europe and America's.
Each of us needs to set vacation weeks ahead of actual new Season start!

My guess for S17 start is May 17th or the friday after, May 24th.
May 17th or the 31st. I can’t see Blizzard employees sticking around the 24th (Memorial Day weekend) to watch the servers, unless it’s some recent new hires.

I’d be concerned if the new season starts June 7th or beyond.
well i just took off 17th to the 27th, so if it doesn't start on the 17th blizzard can go screw there self for not telling us in a reasonable time when the season starts!
I bet and hope that it will be 17th.
This thread is filled with Blizzard plants trying to hype The Season of Trash Decisions. No one is looking forward to this debacle.

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