cross figners that S18 is Season of F/R or travs

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imagine f/r on top of travels.
torment 25 added
Fourth cube slot. Any item.
"Kulle" Season.
4th cube slot, f&r, or endless walk would all be sweet.
Three extra wild card cube slots. Open to any item class.
A season theme has to be something they can implement that already exists so they can exclude non-season from having it.
05/14/2019 01:57 PMPosted by Hotaru251
imagine f/r on top of travels.

Hum ..... my thought, no matter it is Season of F/R or EW, you may have chance to use the other, possibly may become Season of F/R + EW :-)
A creative seasonal theme would be nice (if the devs were willing to put the effort in).

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