how is story experience?

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i havent done story since vanilla d3 launch. i know its not as good as adventure mode. but i miss the companion dialogues and wanted to run it for nostalgic purposes. but is it significantly worse than adventure mode? i dont want to be leveling all weekend...
Once in awhile I would run campaign mode in order to take a break from the monotonous rift activity. However, to answer your question, campaign mode offers little to nothing in terms of reward. Just about anything that you can get from there, can be attained from adventure mode as well, at a far greater efficiency.

So if you want to take a break from adventure mode and don't mind the lack of reward, then by all means take up campaign mode, otherwise you're better off sticking with adventure mode.
It is a lot of fun if you start it with fresh seasonal character and start playing it with Master difficulty. Rise the difficulty when you become too powerful. I'm playing it this season.

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