WTB T16 bounty build (do they even exist?)

I am not a seasonal player. I have only ever seen one primal and my switch paragon (so my new main D3 platform's paragon) is now approaching 800. So I'm not a super hardcore dedicated D3 veteran. I love my necromancer, I'm not looking to branch out into a family of alts right now, but my Thornsader, with like one augment, is the only way I can reliably run over T16 bounties at speed, and push over Malthael without breaking a sweat or even barely acknowledging his mechanics.

Meanwhile, my preferred pusher, the thorns LoN command skeleton build, while quite inevitable and satisfying in greater rifts, is obviously not ideal for bounties because of ramp-up and the requirement for density and so on. You mess up and die (Malthael) and you're screwed without your bone armor. It's a terrible build for long droughts of travel and nothing to kill, or coming back from death.

I want to consolidate to my necromancer for all activities, because as I go deeper into the mid to later game I want to maximize my chances at primals actually dropping and being on the character that will use it. The problem is... I can't nail a build in a t16 reality that can do my thornsader's kind of sustain and burst without playing some kind of "you only get to kill once every two minutes" sort of build that, again, isn't ideal for bounties (or fun).

What are you guys using? At this point I'll use almost any concept within the necro class that doesn't have stupid cooldown reliance, crazy rampup or the requirement to ancient augment a lot. I just want to throw something together for farming in "gold drops here" content on T16. Is the inarius build the way to go? That's the only one I haven't tried or tried a version of yet, because I'd have to farm the most to make it happen but if it's got the sustain and the burst and the overall reliability of a thornsader I'll farm it up.

Please don't tell me "necro just doesn't get to do this," that just seems ridiculous.

Thanks in advance for any and all helpful replies :)
Since bounties have access to gold drops, I always use Goldwrap for those.

I'm using a LoN Skel Mage build variant, with In-Geom and Nemesis Bracers. Posted below is a low GR version. Just change belt to Goldwrap


EDIT: I realized you aren't playing seasons. I'm not sure if the LoN bonus works non-season, so my build above will be irrelevant.
I personally use a Lazymancer speed build for farming. Though to be fair its got a bunch of lvl 80 augments bringing it up to 14k intel and lvl 100 legendary gems.

But even for early game farming I use it for T13.

Both solo and Group.

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