GR Survival and other questions

One of my biggest frustrations is getting one shoted/taking so much damage that I can't react/heal in time. Right now I'm running a Rathma set. For damage reduction right now I have: The Rathma set bonus, Traveler's Pledge set, Bone Armor, and Decrepify/Daytnee's. I use those and STILL get one shot by some regular mob types and I'm moving around trying to dodge projectiles and such. My toughness is 9.4 mil standing still and about 19 mil moving around.

Besides physically dodging things is there something fundamental I'm not understanding about toughness and such to improve survivability? I'm struggling with T14-16 I don't know how people do GR110+ rifts without going insane.

Question 2: According to "In Diablo III, Cold damage is used by all classes except Crusaders, often chilling or freezing its target. Critical Hits from Cold skills freeze the slain target solid, making it shatter afterwards. Note that any Cold damage hit has a chance (lower than the Proc Coefficient, though) to Chill enemy on hit." do Skeletal Archers, which are cold based, suffer from the 0 pet coefficient even though it's elemental damage?

Question 3: Zei's Stone of Vengence tried Googling see two different answers, in regards to pets is the damage based on you or your pet's location, can pets proc the secondary stun?

Question 4: Which legendary potion helps you the most in a pinch? I've been flip flopping between the armor and fear ones.

Question 5: For Skeletal mages what's the math/difference/benefits/weaknesses? Of using Reilena's vs Scythe of the Cycle?

Final TECH question: I'm on GTX1060 rig and have tried all sorts of different settings on/off with Vsync, Shadows, Fullscreen, Borderless, No Discord overlay, etc. and I still get these "stutters" or "hops" with screen jerkiness, is this a network limitation of the game being online? Or is it something with my system.

Or if you have any links to answer these questions I would appreciate it.

Thank you
I can make a start on question 1.

First, your toughness needs lot of work. Your toughness should be at least 30 mil. You might want to use diamonds in your armor to help improve it a bit; you also may need to build up some paragon levels.

Also, the toughness buffs you have are variable. You only get the full benefit of the Rathma set after your minions build up the stack. If you're in an empty area, you might loose the stacks. If not moving, you don't get the full benefit of the endless walk set. The bone armor needs to build up stacks, and only maxes at 30% reduction (45% if you use Wisdom of Kalan amulet.) Unless you have all of those going, you will get one-shot by the trash.

Necros are notoriously fragile. The GR100+ builds are hyper-aggressive that also involve luck in the rift maps.

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