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I don't think this is a bug or any kinda issue. I just wanted to post and see if this is a problem or not. I've been playing season 17 sense season launch. I have gotten a total of like 4 primals and I usally play 4 hrs or so everyday. I have over 900 paragon and last season I had primal's drop more often. Usally got 1 a day atleast now this season I have gotten 4 primals and it was a week between 2 of them. Not sure what if anything is going on cause it seems like my ancient drop rate is down also. I can clear 3 90+ gr's and receive maybe 2 ancients. Any info would be nice is my luck just super bad this season or something else going on?
Wrong forum. This post neither a bug report nor a technical issue.
This post doesn't belong to Technical Support and Bug Report forum.

IMO, 4 primals in one month gameplay is NOT unlucky at all. If you post on General Discussion, I'm sure you'll get lots of hate responses.
It's just bad luck. This game is pretty much a casino in las vegas. It's all about luck.
Avg rate for a primal is about 1 in 400. I.e very rare. Bad Rng is just bad Rng. I've gone entire seasons w/o a primal and then seasons were I get multiple.
Relying on primals for gearing is a bad habit. You have more luck finding an 80% usable ancient then a primal and 99% of the time that 80% ancient will be better then the primal that does drop.

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