Season 17 Guardian journey wont give me the rewards?

Technical Support
No journey past chapter 4 will give me the rewards and I'm trying to figure out why. Is it because I haven't done the ones before it or something else. I've done bother destroyer and guardian but neither have actually finished?
The journey lets you look ahead; doesn't mean you can skip prior chapters.
We'll continue to cycle through previous Seasonal rewards going forward, but we also have something new to chase for the player who has everything! Players who complete all nine chapters of the Season Journey will be rewarded with a new cosmetic item—and for Season 17, that means the Galactic Wings could be yours!
This is not a technical issue or a game bug.

Several players have reported this, usually in the Bug Report Forum.

As Maskraider pointed out, the operative phrase here is: ...complete all nine chapters of the Season Journey...

And then you will have earned all your Season rewards.
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