I have no life regen.

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My max life is 547,260
My life regen per second is 26,785.19
My life per hit is 7,240

But I do not regen any life at all. The only way I can get life back is if I hit a globe. I just did a rift and had half life sitting in town and my life has not gone up a single point. I also have gear on that regens life, nothing.

I was talking to someone in clan and to just double check, he got hit by mobs and his health regen'd right back.

Could someone please tell me what I am doing wrong, what setting I have wrong, something in my gear...?

Thank you.

Also I have been trying to figure out how to submit a ticket, and the only way I have found I can, is if I have a account problem, bug, crashes...how the crap do you put in a ticket?
Not a bug.
Check the legendary powers of your gear.

PS: ticket won't help you. CS won't answer gameplay questions.

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