Crash changes game settings

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For the third time in two days, while playing, a box pops up on the screen that says in the top part that I've lost my connection to the server. In the bottom it say something like "an error has been discovered." Nothing else.

So, I do a cold reboot and resume playing, but notice immediately that some of my game settings have been changed (not something I asked for). I.e., dropped gold now shows the amount in a black box with white letters, some of the gear that's dropped is shown in the same manner.

When I first loaded my character after the crash, I got this notification (on the screen with an arrow pointing to the applicable item) that said something like "You've now received your first quest." Duh, I'm level 25 in the highlands, I left my first quest behind days ago lol. After that, almost everything that happens in-game now has a similar box that pops up with an explanation. It's as if the game sees me as a brand-new player to D3.

Again, not something I asked to be changed.

I'll try and find where to reset that, but just wondering why a crash response would reset that. And, what else has been changed without me asking for it.

Haven't seen everything yet to see if there are any other changes.
There is rarely any need to reboot your computer after a disconnect. Just click OK and wait a few minutes. If another box comes up(1016 error), click OK again.
It may take you back or ask you to re-enter your password.
The other issue sounds like Tutorials is enabled in the Gameplay Options.

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