Leoric's Crown extracted bug

Console Bug Report
I have the extracted power equipped, but when socketing a tier 10 amethyst, the helmet only says +23% life, instead of +46%. Xbox one player.
What helm are you using? You are not trying to wear the LC plus have the KC power from LC are you?

Try this, to get a accurate representation of your life

took out all gear minus helmet, removed paragon and saw my CDR at 12.5%, equipped the crown on the cube and got 25%, removed the helmet and it dropped to 0%, removed the gem and equipped the helmet it stayed at 0%, inserted the gem and got 25%, this is working fine.
Do not try to use a LC for your helm. You cannot stack them, and If you try to use a LC helm, it will cancel out the cube.
look at your vitality instead of CDR in this instance.
Items do not dynamically update their stats (like gems in the Leoric's crown power). A 23% gem in a helm with the LC power will still show 23% on the gem but if you check the character stats, it will have the correct 46%.

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