4th slot in the cube.

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Here is an Idea for a 4th slot on the cube. Set item bonus power. You can consume a number of items to match the set power. ie... 2 items for the 2 item power, 6 items for the 6item power.
Adding set effects in the cube is insane. As a wizard I would be grinning from ear to ear: now I could combine TR6 + DMO6 effects... ugh, that alone is enough reason to reject any idea like this.

But well, I'm not opposed to an additional cube slot - in fact I think there should be a cube slot for legendary gem powers. But how would this work? I would introduce a new recipe:

Shen's Effort:
1 Legendary gem (rank 25+)
1 FR normal gem of every color
1 Ramaladni's Gift

Extracts a legendary gem power into the cube.

You may activate the extracted legendary gem in the cube to gain a fourth (apart from the weapon and head gear gems) power. The gem rank will be equal to your highest GR solo clear (obviously only up to the maximum possible rank of the chosen gem).

But why require a Gift? Because otherwise it's way too easy to add a gem power since you can obtain legendary gems literally without effort.
Most players have a stack of Ramaladni's Gifts too.

However, if they were to allow a 4th cubed slot, it should be a Legendary Gem.
Still not convinced. But if they did add a fourth slot for L-gems, it should be for the lvl 25 bonus only. Not the leveled main effect.

A BotT in the cube would give the cc to enemies close to you, but not the %dmg increase. A Zei would give the stun but not the DMG on distance. (Etc)
06/11/2019 10:36 AMPosted by storytime42
A Taeguk would give the stun, but not the DMG on distance.
Wrong gem. You're thinking of Zei's stone of vengeance.
4th cube slot should be for followers. That would narrow the gap between solo and group slightly. Then it could be either follower gains set bonus, or they could have a legendary gem power.

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