Lornelle Sunstone useful or auto-salvage?

This ring:

Is this used in any builds or just auto-salvage?
I love it, with proper recovery in your build it grants a huge amount of damage reduction in your times of greatest need. Gizzard and/or Life per Hit/Grisly Tribute and/or Devour Cannibalize (with or without Requiem Carapace) and/or Siphon Blood (Drain Life? Iron Rose?) can all be great to go with it. Thy Flesh Sustained works well with it also, pair it with Wisdom of Kalan and you suddenly get 45% damage reduction and +150% life per second just from bone armor (this also damages you 20% health, which in turn increases your toughness because of the ring...) Rogar's Huge Stone can also be used, though I think you lose too much DPS with it. I got a primal version of Lornelle's early, and I don't think I've really taken it off, it's that good. Granted, some builds can't fit it in, but if you can...yeah, really great ring.
its useable for Blood Nova Builds at the moment

Inarious Blood Nova;

Trag'oul Blood Nova;

and also some old Znec builds still use the ring
Thank you guys. This is very informative. I'm glad I checked before salvaging.
The #2 (I think) seasons thorns Necro uses it instead of Unity.

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