Monsters that refuse to die

Console Bug Report
I am playing season 17 and I have found a bug that is constantly disrupting my game play. A case in point just happened. I was trying to do bounties. Many of the bounties will say to kill every monster on level 2 of some area. This bug makes it so at least one monster refuses to die. I am running the bounties on Torment 16. I am playing a wizard with Storm Armor on. My storm armor has been hitting the last monster, along with my hireling and occasionally summoned shadow clones, for several minutes and the last mob is showing zero health. That last MOB is parked on the screen like it died standing up. This makes it impossible to finish the bounty.

I am playing on XBox One. My gamer tag is Absa. I believe with this information you should be able to clone my female wizard and try to reproduce the issue. The build is just to keep storm armor up and hit the right trigger to kill, teleport when needed.
yea, no. they won't be reproducing anything unfortunately. they don't give 2 !@#$s about console. much less this game really. i doubt you'll see the issue with necromancer or any other problems really be addressed until season is over, if even then.
If you think you have immortal monster problems, wait til you read this....

Rift guardians Perdition and Blighter becomes immortal for a couple minutes at certain times >_<

Seriously, I'm no pro who has primal in every slot so the best my Par870 Wizard can do is GR105 and it sux that sometimes the guardians decide to become immortal when they have very little health for a few minutes.

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