Does these builds stack?

Will Legacy of Nightmares set stack with Grace of Inarius ?

trying to create a more fun build
Of course not.
so why won't it stack? how does the lon set work?
With LoN you'll get 750% increased damage and 4% mitigation per ancient item, up to total of 9750% damage and 52% mitigation.

If any other set bonus is active, LoN effect is disabled. The point of LoN is not to use any other set.
What Kirottu said above is correct.

Basically, this season Blizzard is allowing us to utilize the LoN bonus without having to wear the set rings. However, in order to get said bonus, you cannot have any other set bonus active. You can wear a legendary set piece if there's something Ancient that you are missing and want the additional damage, but once a set bonus is activated, you will lose the LoN bonus.

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