I'm on the Leader Board with 3 characters.

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It's time for me to brag a little bit. Currently my seasonal characters look like this:

LON Rapid Fire DH - Rank 105 - 115
Vyr's Archon Wiz - Rank 376 - 121
LON Mage Necro - Rank 221 - 113

I mean, at this point when I'm gambling at Kadala or Rifting / Grifting I'm like I don't... I don't need anything? at all? lol... The last time I was all over the Leader Board like this was Season 11 I believe, when I ended the season with 5 characters in their respective top 1,000.

I have all the time in the world to play, I'm a skilled gamer, But I feel so lonely lol. I'm not in a clan right now for reasons. I have no one to brag to about this. So I'm posting.

I guess all that's left to do is Aug my DH (Wiz and Necro are Augmented), and then just do rat runs till my eyes bleed.

ps: If you're looking at my gear I know my DH has poo poo Swamp Land Waders. I'll work on that lol.
It's time for me to brag a little bit.

I have a new tooth brush.
06/20/2019 12:46 AMPosted by Avalon
It's time for me to brag a little bit.

I have a new tooth brush.

Good you should replace them every 3 months.
I am one of the best at toothbrushing, like # 13 in the US.
I have toothbrush and toothpaste.
I even have mouthwash.
I let the dentist bot do the flossing.
HC 4 man has completed gr 150 easily again this season.

Now that is bragging!
Come on guys, let TrvAix have some fun. God knows we need a little sense of gratification after all the grinding we do.

Congrats TrvAix.
06/20/2019 05:03 AMPosted by Chetanji
HC 4 man has completed gr 150 easily again this season.

Now that is bragging!

I don't know. I think I can top that. I did manage to get to work without running over a squirrel today. Had a few close calls though, but nature is a better place with those extra squirrels in existence.

@ TrvAix - Good job there, neighbour, on getting 3 characters up on the leaderboards like that! Not exactly an easy feat to pull off.
I completed GR 100 recently. I haven't augmented, but I think at this point, there's nothing left but redundancy.

There's always a bigger dog out there, no matter how high you go, except at the very top, where RNG has blessed the fool with a far more perfect run than you'll ever have.

I have never seen the value in the leaderboards, except to give you an excuse to put more time into the game than you wanted to.

I'm not saying these people are not more skilled than I. They are. I just don't feel like being more skilled in the game equates to more fun.
Congrats man, I have friends who try to make top 50 on all classes but they are non.

Keep it up!
Nice! Congratulations.
I am the best gamer EVER!!!!!!!!
If I brush my teeth once a day, does that make me a casual?.
Being on the leaderboard of diablo 3 is like being qualified in the special olympics.
Everybody that down voted this guy is an envious crybaby. Everybody that up voted Avalon afterwards, is just an idiot. It's perfectly okay for a guy who has three characters on a seasonal leaderboard to brag a little.

I can't believe the pettiness of the youth of today. This world is going straight to hell in a hand basket.

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