Exporting XBox 360 character without access to old 360

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So I played D3 on the XBox 360 when it first came out, leveled up multiple classes. Recently I purchased the XBox One version with Reaper of Souls and all the new content, and I can't export my characters. Everywhere I've looked says it should do it automatically or that I have to log into my old game on my old console and upload the info, but I do not have access to my old XBox 360 (I think it broke, I can't find it) and nothing I've tried seems to work. I still have all the D3 achievements logged because it was the same XBox account, I just can't seem to export the characters. Is there any way to resolve this? I'm missing out on serious paragon points from what I've read. Thank you for any assistance on this matter.
This is the blog about export/import save data from XB 360 to One:

I'm no console player. I'm not sure if you need a XB360 to export. You may ask other console players on Console Discussion forum.

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