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I will try and explain this as simply as possible. The new regulations do not take into account previous building codes from 1950's to the late 1970's. During that time frame houses were considered grounded because of the plumbing. Metal pipes were connected to cast iron water mains. However when all those water mains get replaced by PVC pipe, the houses are no longer grounded. Whereas all the house in Lawton built during that time frame are now being grounded by Cable. The current regulations for installing cable to my understanding (will get a face to face understanding soon) classify Cable with telephone lines which are already in the ground. Still working on my problem. Will keep you posted. My house has been grounded correctly. I now have to talk to the local cable company about the fact that their techs instantly become a grounding cable the moment they touch a power box for an UN-grounded house. This also causes an amplification of the surge pulses from our antiquated grid system. I can just sit and watch the battle net app or scroll the book of faces and get times on every pulse. I know it's not your fault but answer this. What is this problem doing to your bottom line let alone your monthly subscriptions?
p.s. I know reality is not welcome gentleman and ladies but if you had the chance to work with classified computer systems you would know just how important grounding is to baud rates that make the internet look pathetic.
Thank you and it is now back to my softcore special until the infrastructure problem gets fixed at my house.
Do you want to the know if this cable being which your 'house' then be it false pulsation to your 'house' ?

Not Welcome? Welcome welcome..
I had an issue where I found on my older house a white wire had been connected to the ground bar in a box. Have no idea who or when. But that causes a voltage to be induced? Into the nearby gas pipes coming into the house. Ground around had voltage. wasn’t a lot but could surprise you. Did me. Probably rais problems with a nearby computer.
World progress be have not bad cable for this making.

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