2.6.5 broke a few things - Xbox One

Console Bug Report
Patch 2.6.5 broke NPC voices, blue goblin & Sir William (Xbox One)

- Kulle, miriam, Ershi, miriam and several other NPC no longer speak when interacting
- Blue goblin multiplies only 2 times after doing T16 and no loot
- Sir william didn't drop any loot

Just hoping a real developer reads and acknowledges this possible bugs. For the note I started grinding WhimsyShire on T16 and I swear Sir William did appear and I quickly killed him but he didn't drop anything, to be honest I'm not really eager for butterfly wings or portrait [seriously I've been playing Diablo 3 for 6 years so if I really wanted them then I would've gotten them by now] but thought it should be pointed out because I read folks literally dedicate hours and days for rainbow items and it would be sad if upgrading to T16 somehow messed up the loot system for said items.
yep, caught wind of this last night when my necromancer was mute.
My necro is mute too. Annoying. Any updates from Blizzard on this?
the patch for season 17 broke a lot of things for the xbox version of d3 :(
Unfortunately Blizzard developers don't read bug reports in console section and before my twitter got banned recently [I'm a Conservative Texan, go figure] I tweeted to blizzard and nothing.

Hopefully you folks can spread the word to other console users so they don't grind for Sir William or certain goblins since developers won't at least acknowledge the bugs.
Muted as well on my Xbox. Really annoying and hope it gets resolved soon!

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