Deathwish/Disintegrate solo at 2.5 APS?

Is there a way to get deathwish based casting or attacks to 2.5 attacks per second. I am messing with a build on D3planner than has 2.23 but I can't get it over the 2.5 mark. I'm using the spell disintegrate.


I can add one more armor based 7% increase but it's not enough to get to 2.5.
You can get 3% from the Enchantress (less diminishing returns).
Not really sure what you're going for, as Etched Sigil casts don't scale with IAS. Manual cast twisters interweaved with channeling?

But you could do it pretty easily if you switch to LoN instead of Firebird's.

That would let you equip Andariel's Visage, Tal's chest, and a Witching Hour (since you could just wear Mantle of Channeling and cube Hergbrash's). That should be enough to put you over. So you could have 7% on helm, chest, belt, both rings, amulet, gloves. Then with 7% on weapon, Gogok, and Paragon, that puts you at:

1.4*1.07*(1+0.15+0.1+0.07*7) = 2.6065.

Lacuni Prowlers are another potential option, if you wear them and cube Ranslor's. Even with LoN you can't have Lacuni's + Witching Hour without dropping one of Ranslor's or Hergbrash's though.

Other options include wearing a dagger for base 1.5 (instead of 1.4 with a sword), but that would mean you have to drop one of Deathwish/Twisted Sword.

There's also Pain Enhancer, but that only works when you have density.
I was trying to get quicker ticks on Bane of the Stricken and decrease time to get certain on hit bonuses and/or potential chances at slow or stuff on other builds.

The 3% from sorceress is already considered. I didn't even realize it was there but It's part of the build already. Edit: Apparently this build setup can't go past 2.39 without rarer things like shrines. And it can't get above 2.6X to ever hit 2.7 even. So, I'm capped at2.39 or something max atm. I need only one more application or something but I can't find one. it can't be done on equipment. Only abilities or other bonuses. And I'm hoping for solo. Edit: Can't happen apparently unless I use shrines.

Edit: Does Bane of the stricken get ticked twice by disintegrate/convergence and etched sigil/Energy Tornado.

I'm starting to think it only get proced once per second from Disintegrate and then nothing from etched sigil. I was hoping it stacked from etched sigil procs as it would perfectly allow the 2x per second that 1.8+ATS would allow from bane of the stricken.

Is it against the game rules to use a macro to double tap disintegrate to max BOTS procs!!?? ><

I'm surprised the convergence version doesn't get two procs as it's a double beam.

Does anything in this build proc BOTS a second time per second without manual cast?
disintegrate is horrible to stack stricken fyi
- magic missile, spectral blades, shock pulse all much better
Do you know if disintegrate does 1 stack of BOTS per second or two?

I'm was looking at designing it at 2 APS. So, I was hoping it could max out the BOTS procs. But I don't know if it being channeled caps it at one trigger per second on the primary target or if it's capped based on disintegrates APS.

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