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I am looking for some advice and help if possible with 2 achievements ( Skeleton Crew Curse Your Enthusiasm ) ,,,,, what i need and what gear and build for them both ,, all help and advice would be helpful thanks
Curse Your Enthusiasm:
Just spam some curses, doesn't matter which. You should be able to complete this just casually playing.

Skeleton Crew:
Just knock the difficulty down and let your skeletons do the killing. That's the key here, your skeletons must do the killing blow to count towards the achievement. 500 elites is a small amount but by using a low difficulty setting this is a really easy achievement.
whats the best curse to use ?
Like I said, doesn't matter for the achievement. For a relatively melee range oriented necro the Aura of Frailty makes things very simple. For more ranged/pet oriented builds Decrepify is the one to go for.
thank you very much

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