Make low builds get full combo with 4 pieces.

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It's a way to balance low builds with the top builds. Make their get full combo with 4 pieces. Give first combo with 1 piece, second with 2-3, and last with 3-4.

This way low build would breath again. It new combos would rise up the criativity would flow through the players. With all set almost closed it's hard to be creative players are tied to equip almost full set equipment withuot a freedom to custom combos/legendaries.

Let's do it Blizzard.
What's with the thread opening spree honestly?

They can separate the damage bonus of certain skills from others then bound them to the key set items of choice. If skill-x is less used and less favored than skill-y, then skill-x can be bound to a Set piece itself to unlock the bonus earlier as you wear more pieces of the same Set in a lesser amount.
For the sake of example; a glove can support less used skill-x and offer to unlock the bonus when at 2-3 pieces worn minimum, while a grand set complete may add skill-y to the list at 6-piece only. It makes the progress gradually unlock rather than 6-piece giving you the means of being a demigod.

There are a few issues with this approach however. First, it's hard to decide which one will be a key item. Second, with already long tooltips (I'm looking at Helltooth and Arachyr's here), it'll be a mess to write it down as it will look like an eyesore to read through tooltips of the said Set.
First point requires long playtests to nail it down and decide a fair key item to grant such bonus. Second point requires developers to create certain passives to bring similar skills under one title or category for shortening the scribbled tooltips.

Instead of reading I can gain bonus to Zombie Dogs, Gargantuan, Grasp of The Dead, Zombie Charger, Acid Cloud, Primary skill, Wall of Death... yadda yadda... Why not bridge them together under one title such as "Decay and Terror skills" via a passive or removing non-similar skill from the category group to call its skill category name in short? Is it really hard? I have no idea who makes the design that complex, really.
I’d be more in favor of doing that for every set because 6 is prohibitive as far as gear choices.

However, doing it to only select sets has too many variables for balancing purposes, especially since which sets and builds are most powerful has frequently changed for every class.

What would you do, for instance, if you made Inna’s work that way and as a result it became more powerful than the 6 pieces? Do you then buff the 6 piece sets, or increase Inna back to 6, or just nerf Inna’s bonuses?

You’re adding extra variables to track without any indication that they would actually work better.
06/16/2019 06:54 AMPosted by Orrion
I’d be more in favor of doing that for every set because 6 is prohibitive as far as gear choices.

Can be too. Let's do it. 4 pieces for all set.
06/16/2019 03:20 PMPosted by PardalBR
Can be too. Let's do it. 4 pieces for all set.

They haven't done anything to make RoRG effect permanent. I doubt they have any plan for it either.

I was thinking some Sets may greatly benefit from changing places of their defensive trigger at 4-piece and skill bonus related 6-piece bonuses. Of course looks good on paper but the list of Sets that could apply is worryingly low actually.
If you can have N6M4 on DH and IK4R6 on Barbs, it's inevitable you'll create something broken if you ever dare to try such approach on those classes for instance.
I prefer the way used by devs in this Season for buffing a low end build :-

1) Choose a well known Skill that that do not covered by Class Set.
2) Buff 1 to 2 Legendary Power/s that will not benefit Class Set.
3) Let it become a LoN build.

Cheer :-)
Yet another stupid post from the master of Troll!
06/17/2019 06:05 PMPosted by Chetanji
Yet another stupid post from the master of Troll!

He hasn't been aware that he's playing the Diablo 3's endgame. He unconsciously is confirming what many have said about this trashy game: The forums is the only place where you can see some sort of activity.

I will really enjoy when none of his ramblings come to fruition.

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