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ATM, and diablo 3 start up fine with playonlinux and a simple 64bit bottle(4.10 Staging). But diablo 3 has this distinct problem with massive stutter.

One thing I've noticed is that my ram will go from a staring point to around 1.5-2gb higher then drop back down rapidly in a constant cycle. I'm assuming this has to do with this. Does anyone know the cause?
You really needed this 64bit for linux?
it's not currently working in 32bit bottles as far as I can tell.

Actually I fixed the stutter. I went to options in the program for diablo and told it to run in 32bit client. That got rid of the stutter.

The next problem is I can't alt tab out without using a secondary virtual desktop. But that can be worked around. Now I have to get in game and see if it works.

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