Speed build for Bounties/Rifts

Is there one for the Wizard??? What do people use? I have looked and tried some variants of Vyrs, LON, and not found anything fast and efficient. Unfortunately the greatest site for builds 'DiabloFans.com' is dead, so finding good builds out of the norm is really tough. Wizard used to have 'FlashFire' but it is a little weak for T16.
I've always run Vyr's for regular rifts. I also find myself going to it more and more for bounties. I've messed around with LoN FO for bounties, but I think I'd really have to augment it to make it efficient for T16 splits. Vyr's has been faster for me.

Here are my Vyr's builds:

T16 rifts: https://www.d3planner.com/952186314
T16 split bounties: https://www.d3planner.com/119564229

With the rift build, you don't need to stack Chantodo's to 20 to kill stuff in T16, so Nem's + In-Geom gives you maximum Archon uptime and better DBs/hour from the extra elites. At lower paragon if you are having a hard time surviving, you can run Karini instead of Avarice Band. Frozen Storm is there to pop breakables, you'd be surprised how often an extra legendary drops out. Again, if you are having trouble surviving you could swap it for Force Armor, or Power of the Storm w/ Karini. The Chantodo's Wave will take care of a lot of breakables anyway, Frozen Storm is just a bit more reliable if you are moving quickly because the Chantodo's wave only goes out once per second.

With the bounty build, In-Geom is too slow because you have to stop periodically to kill elites for In-Geom procs. Aether Walker is just straight up faster. Nem's can be helpful on the 'kill xxx enemies' bounties on sparse maps as they will add extra enemies to the count, but they slow you down significantly outside of that. Especially on something like the Cursed Shrines bounties. Sure, they get you a couple more DBs, but bounties suck for DBs/hour anyway. You don't do bounties for DBs. You are better off getting the bounties done as quickly as possible and then using the time you save doing bounties on running rifts for DBs, instead of netting a few extra DBs from slower bounties with Nems. I run Warzechian's for that extra speed on the long run bounties. People are always surprised by how fast I crush Act V bounties. Want to know why? Aether Walker + Warzechian's is why.

If you have an organized group and can just have someone else run the bosses, I'd drop Stricken for Powerful (or Hoarder). However in pubs I find you sometimes someone will take a few extra seconds to cancel a boss fight, and you can get stuck in at a bad spot in your rotation with low stack count entering the fight. In that situation I find Stricken really helps a lot to speed up your boss kill.

Also notice TP: Calamity in both builds. It's not totally necessary, especially for bounties you could run Wormhole instead. But it gives you a couple extra Chantodo's stacks. TP a couple times out of Archon and you're at 3-5 stacks instead of 1, there's a pretty big difference in damage there. It's particularly helpful for T16 splits, where you'll be running lower Archon stack counts from being constantly on the move and won't necessarily one-shot elites with only 1 Chantodo stack. Running TP: Calamity really helps you in that situation, more so than the better AP management with Wormhole in my experience.

Also notice the max cooldown in both builds. For higher GR speeds and pushing, I run 4/6 CDR rolls on gear. For T16 I run 6/6, since you don't need 20 Chantodo's stacks and it's better just to get back into Archon ASAP.

LoN FO is a good alternative if you don't like Vyr's.
Thanks for the reply. I tried LON FO, and I died a lot and it was not very efficient. The thing that I do not like about Vyr's in rifts is that once you are out of Archon, there are no enemies that you can Arcane Torrent on to build your archon back up as everyone just kills them. That means that even with good CDR builds, once you are out of archon, it can sometimes take 10-12 seconds for your archon to come back on again and that is not efficient. the in-geom helps but not fully as it can leave you hanging. I was hoping that with LON, there would be something equivelent to Multishot. Damn I miss that build for rifts :(.
06/24/2019 05:39 AMPosted by NightRaven
I was hoping that with LON, there would be something equivelent to Multishot. Damn I miss that build for rifts :(.

Been there, done that. I play a lot of UE DH. It's my second-most played class after wizard.

Wizards just don't have a build that can match Multishot (or speed WoL for that matter). At least not at the level those builds can run at.

On wizard you basically have to settle for running slightly higher rifts 30 seconds slower. It's tough to match the 1:00-1:30 clears Multishot or WoL can pull off. Archon has the wind-up phase at the start of the rift, plus the mechanic of being in and out of Archon slows it down after that. A fast Vyr's clear would be 1:30-2:00 minutes. You just can't really get those sub 1:30 clears consistently, unless you happen to be teamed up with a WoL monk or Multishot DH. The slower travel time of FO also limits your max clear speed, it just can't clear the screen as fast as a quicker hitting skill like Multishot or WoL.

Vyr's has the advantage of running speeds at a much higher level than something like Multishot can run though. It's a trade-off, you're losing some speed on those super speed rifts because of the limitations of Archon. But you gain a ton of efficiency in the 100-110 range. A UE DH runs GR70s faster than a Vyr's wizard, but it's not running 100-110s at anywhere near the same speed.

I've been playing nothing but Vyr's and UE for like 10+ seasons now. My strategy tends to be to run my DH sometimes for bounties and when I want to do those super speeds at low levels, then switch to my wizard for XP farming and gem levelling in higher GRs. If you want to use your wizard for absolutely everything, you kind of have to settle at it not being as good as something like a Multishot DH for things like bounties and super speed rifts. But better at running higher GR speeds. It's a trade-off.
Thank you for your input! I think I will have to try focusing heavier on my Vyrs speed build and avoid comparison :(.
Lon fo all the way with max as. Those who Say it s not worth it just don t have a clue. Belt + ring + gem combo and u don t die. As simple. I clear faster than any MS. Specialy on bosses.
Max as IS Key.
Tr torso+andariel s face are a must have.

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