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dickhead isnt censored, at least i learned something today.
A single T16 nephalem rift on average yields less legendaries than a single GR90 and even with a good build takes longer to clear than the grift.

It's simple math which method is more efficient.
06/12/2019 12:55 AMPosted by ElDiablo
ok you deleting your own posts now? rekt

I recalled a quote from Napolean...
"Never interfere with the enemy when he is in the process of destroying himself."
Got like 0 for a week or so then this happened yesterday:

Both were salvage trash obviously but it was still funny in a way.For the record I almost never get primals from T16 or whatever difficulty Rifts.
Got like 1 in this season so far that wasnt from a GR.
Someone's on the rag....
06/12/2019 01:27 AMPosted by ElDiablo
now get back to your down voting.

Finally something we can agree on.
06/12/2019 01:54 AMPosted by DarkSauron
I think RNG isnt a real RNG some loot table are involved because... which are the possibilities to get the same primal with the same stats? (Included the secondary stats). Happened yo me in this season for atleast 2 or 3 primals

I'm convinced on the loot table existence, because how is it frikkin possible to get the same 3-4 legs from upgrading rares over and over, when there's 10+ legs of the same item type?

Out of 20 upgraded rares, literally half of them was the SAME leg. And the rest of them were 2-3 other ones repeated.

I close the game, make another game, start upgrading again....NOW all of the sudden I'm getting the same leg over and over again.....except this time is the one I want.

This was no isolated incident, it's happened MANY times over the years. Different play session, different loot table. Damn straight.
06/12/2019 01:31 AMPosted by ElDiablo
good work retards keep it up, lets ruin d4 when it drops. hope the devs enjoy dealing with you !@#$%.

TLGamer, is that you again?

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