Is this Pheonix Build still viable?


This is what I was working on a long time ago. I'm still getting primal equipment I think. Which hopefully won't be harder as I'm not in season anymore.

It's designed around maxing pull and fire as much as often with a simple auto cast setup where you jump around and light everything on fire. It was orignally hydra based but I removed it for better cast on the run. Hopefully the 3.333 extra mana doesn't hurt. I'm assuming the Etched sigil cast cost no mana still.

A few questions:
1. Does familar count as a burn in regards to the set bonus 3000x damage till death?
2. Does the weapon bonus set to Ignite count as one of the burns and outway the raw extra 10% damage given by Force Weapon?
3. Would life on kill be worth switching to something else?
4. Is all the stuns bad for resistance. It's supposed to be to increase the odds of the 45% damage bonus from Bane of the Trapped. I'm not sure what to do with those types of bonuses like stun and whatnot to be efficient.
5. Does teleport count as moving as far as defense offense bonuses go?

How far could this build likely go? And are there any good improvements?

I don't remember exactly why I had the stats the way they are. So, I'm not sure how to tweak it. I would have to relearn the game again.

I wonder if it would be better to put ignore durability loss over other things. I couldn't get all the equipment immortal but I could get a lot of it. I wonder if death and the pheonix revive drops durability and ignores this or not.
- the build isn't nerfed, but it was always a gimmicky build that was hard to play, the only reason to play it was for pushing GRs, and now Vyrs/Chando is better (and easier to play).

- familiar does count to your the fire skills for the set burn DMG

- The Deathwish affix is a multiplier while channeling. It still works as intended. If we are taking about force weapon, IIRC, does count towards set burn DMG.

- don't waste your only enchant roll for ignore durability. Fixing items only costs gold, and you should be farming keys with a fully leveled Boon of the Hoarder, which will solve your gold issues.

Happy hunting
I was more worried about longevity if I get into a mess so I don't have to go back to repair. I wasn't sure if it would help if I'm sloppy.

Not sure if I would need it though. I would hope to stay at range and have enough dps.

Is all the stun bad for the pull on tornadoes and black hole? I haven't played in a long time. I'm not familiar anymore. Not sure if the timer on the is worth the resistance for the little 45% damage. I'm assuming it takes away from the max dps of the tornado potentially if it can't pull all the way to the middle.

I was curious if ignite on magic weapon counted towards a burn on top of the burn from existing fire damage. I thought it might help speed up the perma burn from the set. But I'm not sure if it matters compared to the tornado damage.

Between the cd of Black hole there is a lot of time to not get 3 burns. And the familiar attack wouldn't add for more than large single targets. But I have no idea what the chance is or how often it occurs or if it can happen at the same time as burns from the other skills. If it stacks and counts it might be the most efficient way to ensure the units all burn to death as fast as possible without having to slow down.

Are there any good videos showing this build? I'm not sure what name it goes by.

I found this one but it's a bit old. And it doesn't use Black hole.
TBH, the start Pact meteor build also pushed higher, if you're dead set on playing with fire birds. Uses most of the same pieces.

If you enjoy it, go ahead. I know I don't like the play style, as well as many others. If you're relativity new to wiz, other sets are generally considered more fun.

I changed it so I have 10.6% slow and 25.1% stun. Those I'm assuming both work with bane of the trapped, but does the pull from Black hole and tornado trigger it?

I was almost wondering if getting rid of bane of the trapped and replacing it with Molten Wildebeest's gizard wasn't better. Then I don't have to worry about slow procs if tornade and black whole don't trigger bane of the trapped. And I'm free of those gear requirements. Plus it can go all the way up to half my hp per second at level 200. Not that I would get that high.

Does the proc from Folly actually not get area damage? I've read that but i'm not sure. I'm wondering if I need more cooldown also. And I need to test ignite now to see if it perma ignites. I finally got back in game.

Figured something else out. I had hyrdra with mammoth for burn. But it can only activate every 15 seconds(I think.) So, I can drop down the other stats and get a faster use of both teleport and Black hole for extra burn. Still need to figure out if ignition counts and helps. But, with Hydra gone I don't need one of the IAS so I can stick that and some crit damage into cooldown. Just nots sure if I want 48/480 crit and less CD or 48/430 and extra CD.

Still looking for other weaknesses. Black hole can cast more but doesn't last long. Although I can double cast it for extra. But hydra last for 15 seconds. Not sure how much the CD decrease would hurt my tornado count.

If Ignite works out it may give more mobility to the build. And it goes with a new 5.4 second teleport with wormhole for getting around. It's a very wormhole like build. Not sure if if I should dump bane of the trapped for the massive HP bonus from wildebeest's gizard. Might be interesting.

Is there a way to get death sword to 2.5 aps?

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