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HI guys, I'm experiencing frequent disconnections from server. This is repeating issue not only for me. This disconnection occur during GR's, Bounties etc.
Just was finishing bounties and on the last bounty boss kill for last chest - boom code 1061 or something like that. My net never stopped as I check the ping connection and it is showing no interruptions, so this is coming from server. WHY the game is just trowing me out?!? It is so annoying.
Also its !@#$ing making me angry that after disconnection when u re-start the game, game is moving crappy and laggy y? You just restarted game because server DC you and game i moving like slow motion picture WTF guys seriously!!!

Error 1061 is a frequent disconnection error. We would recommend to troubleshoot this with the following steps:

1) Power Cycle the home network connection to refresh the connection to the Internet Service Provider(ISP) and to all devices on the network. Steps on how to do this can be found Here.

-> Once the network is back online use the following commands to Flush your DNS cache Here.

Retest. Now if the issue continue we want to try to capture it with a WinMTR to help locate the source of the problem. You can download and run the WinMTR while you play following the steps Here. Get us the results of this testing once you captured a disconnect with it.

Thank you.
HI, seems nothing change.

Disconnections continue everyday!!! Program Win MTR, when downloaded and installed. I copy the IP address of us server - north america and when i start it is telling me problem not resolved!
Thaw shall I do now?
I both the game when i was in US and I played on US servers, despite the fact I went back home to Bulgaria. Since my account can't be transfered to EU servers so I don't loose all the gear and character I continue play on US servers. MY net is one of the bests in Bulgaria - FO cable, 100Mbps and still getting this disconnections during GR's / rifts /bounties.
I've done also flushing of the DNS as pointed. reseted the router and still the server is trowing me out y?
06/22/2019 08:07 AMPosted by Rejev
it is telling me problem not resolved!
If you are getting the error "Unable to resolve hostname", it is usually because there is a blank space (or several spaces) in front of the IP. That happens to me often when I copy/paste the IP address from the web support article.

Screenshot :
Same here ..... 300-400 unplayable.
maybe bliz dont want to help.
It seems like I am connected to Asia/Europe server, instead of California where i live.
i talked to them cause i disconnect often and they said its not their fault and they receive 1 or 2 tickets talking about this connection in month me it happened like 5 time in the last 2 days
Hey y'all,

Since the original poster hasn't returned, I will be closing this thread. If you are still getting latency or disconnects, please create your own individual threads with a WinMTR test so this way we can help you specifically and avoid any confusion.

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