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For folks playing a wizard this season, around what paragon level were you able to bang out your solo 70 rift? I took a break and am around 265 or so. Right now I'm barely beating 47.

I know I'm rusty but I'm trying to determine if I should just farm gear to death or if my firebird set and tons of ancient items is enough to push it once my paragon levels are around 400.


Use the Vyr's set or go Twister Wizard and you bang out a GR90 with zero paragon.

Vyr's and Twister are the biggest solo builds in the entire game...people are doing a GR70 within hours of creating a new character with the Wizard.

Google Twister Wizard or Vyr's S17 setup and you will decimate things with it.
Thanks. I'll put on a Vyr's set just to bang out the 70.

Just wanted to get the Primal drop activated.

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