Season 18 - Season of No Bots.

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Actibliz loves bots.
More players, more numbers for shareholders.
Actibliz does nothing to stop them.
I hate bots
Hang them up and beat them with sticks.
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Why all bot threads have that guy?

Because he's right.

Out of all the !@#$%ing done, how many players actually put in the effort for highest rank? Literally a small handful of players (50-100) per region, out of millions of D3/RoS copies sold, or even a few 10K's of regular active players.

Which means over 90-95% of the active playerbase isn't REMOTELY affected by bots.

No, he isn’t.

It’s incredibly shallow thinking to say that only the top of the leaderboards are affected by bots. Players in general don’t like playing with cheaters, and just knowing the game is infested and Blizzard hardly ever does anything will turn off current and potential players.

You also said you played D2 since launch. Unless you played solo offline and never made use of trading and never played with anyone who made use of trading then you were affected by bots. Bots infested that economy, and you’re incredibly naive if you think it didn’t have an effect on the worth of your items.

And if you wanna bring up pubs, bots are easy to spot & they're always just a votekick away.

Oh? And what about those that only bot some of the time? Say in a Season they’ve botted to better gear and a higher Paragon than you, and then they join your game and trade you gear and do GRs and up your gem level and such.

Haven’t you been affected? Sure, you have no way of telling (most likely) that the person bots, but so what? Shadow effects like that are even worse.


Your stance overall is like saying fraud in banking doesn’t affect you unless your money is stolen directly. It’s ludicrous.

06/15/2019 05:44 PMPosted by TobiasPeste

And why those complaining about bots almost always have sub-normal paragon?

Because they are jealous of the botting perks. Waking up the next day and having much higher paragon, and more mats, and more everything. Not to mention the distinct advantage having all those extra resources brings, or the potential flood of primals just waiting in your stash.

Sounds to me like you think jealousy is an affect.
Lets get more frequent ban waves, until the botters/cheaters lost interest, and we the actual players that play for fun can enjoy this game.
06/15/2019 08:57 AMPosted by Grumm
So players who don't Bot, get what exactly?

If the theme is anti cheat detection and I don't cheat, remind me again why I should play Season 18?

I play Seasons for the cosmetics and exclusive perks. I mainly play one class, so I don't chase stash tabs either.

This idea would see me not playing Season 18.

Sound like you can't play the game without bot ^^. Try once and you will find you can enjoy the game even without bot :-)
06/15/2019 09:42 AMPosted by PardalBR

They get no bot enviroment gameplay and no bot on rank and much less powercreep from season theme.
You're missing the point of having a season theme.
06/15/2019 09:42 AMPosted by PardalBR
It's a great addition.
And this idea of yours would actually add what?

My bad it adds nothing.
We dont want a seasoned theme of anti-cheat. We want to play a season in which cheating is handled more frequently and effectively.
Oh wow, what a surprise? @OP suggested a magical solution to a problem with no feasible way of fixing again?

I just love the gist of this dudes suggestions. We have a bot problem. How do we fix it? By fixing the bot problem. There, I solved it.
OP you're posts are so ignorant.

You need to be banned from this forum.

Please Blizzard remove this guys post privileges.
I was going to make a honest post about botting being no where near as relevant now then it use to be, but i lost too many brain cells looking at this guys posts, sorry.
This game is becoming plagued like D2 was, and Blizz has a chance to save this game if they want. Bringing up these discussions in the community may server a great purpose.

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