Star pact build help

I'm not sure what i'm doing wrong. I'm hoping that somebody can help me figure it out. I have 1100 paragon and am running lon star pact with my paragon split between dps and vitality for now.

I've watched the videos about how to us star pact but i can't seem to get it down. i'm hitting meteor when the electric coe is almost finished. immediately casting a electrocute generator, then a quick hit of ray of frost for channeling. After all that I do complete crap damage. lol. I try to go into archon after a quick channel of ray of frost but that seems to make the damage worse.

Please help if you can. I'm trying to help push with my friends, but i feel like i should be doing more damage. This spec is beyond frustrating to get down. What did you guys do to master it.

You really shouldn't be playing Bazooka until past 1500 paragon. The Chantodo Vyr build would be much better for you.

It sounds like you are channeling and doing Archon too fast. You have to do 3 Electrocutes or 1 Spectral Blade before the channel.
Thanks for the reply!

I keep hearing people say that you need 1500 paragon, but i haven't seen anybody explain why. Is it to get more health? to have more int for damage?

If my Friends and I are doing GR 120's what should I be looking to have my health at?

3 electrocutes seems like it would take too long. Wouldn't the meteor hit before you can finish that. I'll have to try it. Can ROF and Archon be used at almost the exact same time? if so, It seems like a macro might make that work better.

Sorry for all the questions, i'm very new to this build. Thanks again.
Star Pact takes awhile longer to become strong. You don't need a macro, just practice the rotation. Here is the video:

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