Regular Ring vs Ancient Rings

Greetings friends, I just started to gearing in Lon mage. Got a quick question, if my regular legendary rings already has CDR, CDC & CHD do I need ancient ring or neck to replace them?

I am confused, my clan member told me everything has to be ancient or primal... but those status on the rings are much better then those ancient ones..

Little advice? Thank you for your time!
Each ancient adds 750% bonus.
Full 13 ancients gives 13x750%=9750%
11 ancients gives 8250%.
I.e. Reduced by 15% compared with full 13 ancients.
Or, 13 ancients has 18% more damage than 11 ancients.

If your 2 non-ancient rings give more than 18% then they are worthy.

The DR of LoN can be calculated in similar ways, but the formula is a bit more complicated. So, I don't bother to do it. The two additional ancients give ~17% extra toughness. Just keep it in mind in your consideration.

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