I hate bots

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06/19/2019 12:01 PMPosted by naksiloth
06/19/2019 10:58 AMPosted by TrvAix
@naksiloth you're really annoying bro.

Then I'll shut it after this. I shouldn't be even giving my opinion because I don't see the thing you saw in D3. I have to respect it and I haven't down talked you. If it seemed that way I'm sorry.

ok i'm sorry for being mean as well. I've been stressed out lately.
You are never going to see an end to bots/botting in this game. Blizzard does nothing to combat it anymore besides a rare ban wave here and there. You'll be lucky to see even 1 during a season, if at all. Even then, the only bans that generally happen are people that literally bot 24/7, or in public games and get reported constantly in-game.

Assuming you are new if you think there is any hope to bots being removed. Go look at Blizzards track record across the forum from how they handled botting over the last handful of seasons. Then look at how they handle exploiting by giving people a slap on the wrist rather than actually enforce their own rules.
I like big bots.
- Sir Mix-a-lot
more bans, less trolls in forums and in game, problem solved.
06/11/2019 03:36 PMPosted by Fangskin
I decided to "act" rather than write something in this forum. I will record a video when I find someone using a bot in the public game. Below links are the official reporting of cheating/hack.


If those two ways above are not working, then I won't play this game anymore.
don't let the dolor hit you back in the !@#.
If he wants to record cheaters, then let him, thats honorable!

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